New Fossil Gas Terminals; Profits Over People

Executive Summary: Fossil gas is a dangerous fuel which harms the climate and the environment wherever it gets ex- tracted and used. The current report summarizes some of these harms and looks at who pays the price for new fossil…


Gastivists participated in the UN climate talks COP24 in Poland

We are at the COP24 in Poland. Watch out for us & meet us @COP24. Don’t let the oil&gas industry greenwash COP!


In English – Collected documents

1. Background reports Pérez, Alfons, 2018: Global Gas Lock-in: Bridge to nowhere. Gas extraction, infrastructure, policy. RLS/ODG, 2018 (download). Hard copies for free, mail to: FOEE, 2017: Can the climate afford Europe’s gas addiction? Briefing on the role of…


All languages – collection of documents

Background reports Blogs, news, journals Methane Gas projects in Europe Extractivism and Fracking Organizing & Direct Action Videos Powerpoints Link up with others resisting gas Free hard copies   1. Background reports In English: Pérez, Alfons, 2018: Global Gas Lock-in:…


In Deutsch – Gesammelte Dokumente

1. Hintergrundberichte Pérez, Alfons, 2018: Globaler Gas Lock-In. Brücke ins Nirgendwo. RLS/ODG. Die Booklets, auch viele, können kostenlos bestellt werden bei: FOEE, 2017: Europas Gasabhängigkeit – ein Klimakiller? Briefing über die Rolle von Erdgas in Europa, seine Auswirkungen auf das…


En Français – collection de documents

1. Documents de base Pérez, Alfons, 2018: Le Piège Mondial du Gaz. Desastre Droit Devant. RLS/ODG. La brochure peut être commandée gratuitement auprès de: Corporate Europe Observatory, 2017: l’Europe enlisé dans le gaz. Les lobbies derrière la politique européenne…


En Español – colección de documentos

1. Documentos de base Pérez, Alfons, 2018: La Trampa Global del Gas. Un puente a ninguna parte. Folleto sobre la extracción global de gas, las infraestructuras de gas y la política del gas en la UE. RLS/ODG. Copias impresas del folleto gratis, mail…


A dangerous distraction: Seven myths industry uses to sell “renewable gas”

Critical remarks on the hype of the “renewable gas”. The enthusiasm for renewable gas is really an attempt to paint the gas industry green.


Gastivists Newsletter 11/2018 – GasdownFrackdown & more

Gastivists Newsletter with report from the #GasdownFrackdown Days of Action, and latest articles and videos.


Open letter AEPF12: climate justice cluster demands to defund the TAP

Open letter to the mayor of Ghent, Daniel Termont, who is also chairman of gas company Fluxys.