How to get involved in activities and campaigns

Updates on how to get involved and on the campaigns are sent via the Gastivists newsletter every month.

How to get involved in the fight against the gas lock-in

At the local level, you can join one of the many organisations or collectives fighting gas projects. You can find some of them on our network page.

On social media, you can like/follow our Twitter and Facebook, share our posts, and do the same with our allies. The gas industry is trying to persuade people that fossil gas is a clean energy. It’s our responsibility to show the consequences of gas extraction and gas infrastructure on people, on their environment and on the climate.

At the global level, there are many days of action and global mobilisations that you can join! Find upcoming events below.

Some wider campaigns

Via Gastivists newsletter and Gastivists facebook you can find out about campaigns we are involved in. For example a Global Day of Action or a Campaign against public funding of gas infrastructure in Europe. For example looking at European Banks EIB, EBRD, and other European Institutions and concrete projects such as Trans-Adriatic Pipeline and the Southern Gas Corridor. We have gathered useful background material about the problem of using public funds for fossil fuel infrastructure, on European policy, and on specific gas infrastructure projects.

Campaigning against public funding of gas projects in EuropeA number of gas projects in Europe are receiving public funding European Banks (EIB and EBRD). Join the campaign to demand the EIB stops investing in fossil fuel projects

Reject the Projects of Common Interest-ListWe will be campaigning against the List of Projects of Common Interest (PCI) . The list is being reviewed in 2019 and we will do everything we can to limit the number of fossil gas project on it.

The Gastivists Collective needs you

If you want to help our collective to grow, you can help very concretely. Here are some ideas. For example: (1) Can you translate? Awesome! We need people to translate parts of this website:; (2) Are you a bit artistic (music, image, play, …) and would like to support this struggle with your art? Sweet:; (3) Do you have a critical journalist inside of you? Nice! We would love to dig deeper into these stories and get the truth out. Let us know where you’re based and/or where you would like to go, and we’ll see from there:

Nothing for you in there but you still want to help? Cool! Let’s talk! Either: send us an e-mail presenting yourself, we’d love to hear everything about you! If you have an idea of how you could or would like to help, we’ll be really happy to know: Or come and meet us in events we are organizing.

Activities and campaigns