Projects of Common Interest

Official website of European Commission.
ODG versions of this map with descriptions of different projects are available in English, Catalá en Castellano.

Gas trade flows in Europe

Official website of International Energy Agency (IEA). Needed: adobe flash.

Interactive map of Europe

Facts and figures on gas for every EU-28 country. By FOEE and Food and Water Europe.
Download of interactive PDF starts when clicking on the link.

Global Gas Lock-in

Map showing resistance in the context of massive proposed new gas infrastructure in Europe (part of Environmental Justice Atlas).

Global Gas Lock-in: bridge to disaster

Map/Flyer on global gas extraction and on and gas imports and infrastructure in Europe. On the back of the map: a great overview over the gas problem. By ODG/RLS/Gastivists. You can order hard copies of the map for free (any number you want for yourself or for your activities). Mail to: 

Environmental Justice Atlas

Includes several gas-related conflicts

Fracking Frenzy

Overview over the fracking industry worldwide. How they will only add more pressure and risks of pollution to already endangered global fresh water reserves (part of Environmental Justice Atlas).


Oil and gas information by location. You can search information about the oil and gas industry in relation to a specific location or region; you can learn about drilling at the international level, at the national (U.S.) level, or at the state level (U.S.).


Map on US. Along with fracking-enabled oil and gas rush have come troubling reports of poisoned drinking water, polluted air, mysterious animal deaths, industrial disasters and explosions. They are called “Fraccidents.” This map is a sampling of some of the high profile incidents related to the country’s oil and gas drilling boom.

Global Fossil Project Tracker

The Fossil Tracker is a surveillance system for planned and existing fossil fuel projects around the world. You can track locations, status, size, history, ownership, and industry trends of oil pipelines, gas pipelines, gas tanker terminals, and coal terminals. The tracker includes 600+ pipelines and 800+ terminals in 80+ countries.


FrackSwarm is an information tool on fracking issues, mining operations, companies, environmental impacts, clean alternatives, regulation, grassroots organizing, industry lobbying, etc. with state-by-state information in the United States.

Small-scale LNG map

The map provides an overview of the available, under construction and planned small-scale LNG infrastructure and services in Europe (map for the gas infrastructure industry, by GIE).