Who are the Beyond Gas network?

The beyond gas network was started by a group of people with diverse backgrounds (activists, NGOs, scientists etc.) to better coordinate their work to fight fossil gas. After a conference aiming at connecting gas activists in the fall of 2016, the Beyond Gas email list was created and steadily grew until today. A big part of the members of this list are based in Europe, but also many members from all across the planet are active in it.

How can you join?

The network mainly communicates via the “beyond-gas” email list. Activists, campaigners, scientists, NGOs etc. who fight gas are all welcome to join our online conversation. You can email fkieninger@fweurope.org or noelie@gastivists.org to join the list by shortly introducing yourself. 

What do we do? 

The Beyond Gas email list aims to be a platform to unite people from diverse backgrounds and geographies in the struggle against gas and the reckless practices of corporations and financial institutions supporting it.

This includes fighting new gas infrastructure, contesting injustices linked to gas extraction and the toxic economic implications of it, unmasking false solutions which directly or indirectly support gas use, and informing the public about the climate, environmental and social impacts of gas. 

We strengthen the respective struggles by amplifying each other’s work, exchanging information and planning coordinated actions/working strands.

What can you concretely expect on the email list?

  • Sharing of information and updates
  • Help with questions
  • Facilitation of the formation of working groups/coordinated actions
  • Bimonthly network calls
  • Webinars/virtual conferences
  • Call outs for actions, sign on letters etc.


Rules for the email list

  • Newly joined members are invited to briefly introduce themselves so everyone is updated about who is on the list.


  • All questions are welcome, all updates from campaigns and struggles are welcome! We often hear the same voices in the email list, but we’d really like to encourage everyone to feel ownership and to participate if they feel like it. 


  • In the subject line, start with by indicating what your email is about
    • [UPDATE] : if you are sharing an update on your struggle or your campaign
    • [ACT] : if you are asking people to take action (for example to tweet, join an online or offline action, sign a letter)
    • [INVITATION] : if you are inviting people to join a call or an event 
    • [LAUNCH] : if you are launching a report 
    • [READ] : if you are sharing articles that others might find interesting
    • [QUESTION] : if you need help/advice from people on the list


  • Sharing good articles is great … but can clog up our inboxes. Maybe do one email per week with your recommended top reading


  • We encourage you to share short updates about your campaigns, what is happening in your city, your research. You can also reach out to people with questions. 


  • We try and monitor who joins the list and hope to make it a space to share information with trusted allies. However we cannot guarantee that it is a safe space. 


  • Like in any other email list, we invite everyone to communicate in a fair and respectful manner. Harassment or bullying of any sort will not be tolerated. 


Here are some groups fighting gas that you might want to connect with. They are many more out there – contact hello@gastivists.org if you’re specifically looking to be connected with a campaign or a country.  


Grassroots groups fighting gas:

France: Non au Gazoduc Fos Dunkerque / Alternatiba / Collectif contre le gazoduc transfrontalier

Germany: Gegen Gasbohren / Local Initiatives of Gegen Gasuhren / Gastivists Berlin

Italy: Comitato NO TAP / Movimento No TAP

Netherlands: Groninger Bodem Beweging, Code Rood

Portugal: Climaximo

Spain: Plataforma Resposta al MidcAT / No Mes Gas

Sweden: Fossilgasfällan

UK: Frack Free Lancashire / Frack-OffReclaim The Power

Algeria: Contre l’exploitation du gaz de schiste en Algerie

South Africa: Support Centre for Land Change (SCLC)

Mexico: Alianza Mexicana contra el FrackingSancris Limpio

Chile: Coordinadora Chorera

Indonesia: KruHa

NGOs and other organizations working on policy:

Brussels/Europe: CEE Bankwatch / Climate Action Network Europe / Corporate Europe Observatory / Counter Balance / E3G / Friends of the Earth Europe / Food & Water Europe / Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Brussels / Banktrack / 350.org

UK: Platform London / 350.org.

France: Amis de la Terre350.org.

Germany: PowerShift e.V. Berlin / 350.org.

Spain: Observatory on Debt in Globalisation ODG / Ecologistas en Acción

Italy: Re:Common

Croatia: Zelena Akcija

Morocco: Attac Morocco

Nigeria: Health of Mother Earth Foundation

USA: Food and Water Watch / Oil Change International

Latin America: 350.org Latin America

Argentina: OpSur