Until March 14th, tell your MEPs to reject the fossil gas projects on the PCI list! Click here.

Projects of Common Interest (PCI) is a category of projects which the European Union has identified as priority for interconnecting Europe better. As such, these projects can receive public money. The newest list contains many gas infrastructure projects, and was unfortunately approved by the European Parliament (in the ITRE committee).

This Excel sheet gives arguments against every single one of the gas projects of the PCI list.

Here are the fact sheets “Fossil Gas in my Country” for all EU-28 member states:
NetherlandsPolandPortugalRomaniaSlovakiaSloveniaSpainSwedenUnited Kingdom.

Here is an interactive map of the European Fossil gas landscape

Background information:

Regional Fact Sheets:

Building a gas pipeline or a terminal to import liquefied natural gas today chains us to fossil fuels for the rest of our lives! Instead, we should be building only clean energy infrastructure compatible with the Paris Agreement. EU Projects of Common Interest (PCI) are pieces of energy infrastructure that connect Europe better – in this case with infrastructure for climate-toxic gas. On top of this, the gas demand in Europe is declining.

You are not from an EU country? There is more fossil fuel resistance around the world!

Interaktive map of the European fossil gas landscape. You click on the image and the download starts.