You have probably read the get-involved-page, because there, you find most of the ideas around how to connect, help the network growing, and support the fight against gas.

Here on this page, we just want to present some wider campaigns that you could support or join. Updates on these campaigns are usually sent via the Gastivists newsletter and via the Gastivists facebook page.

Some wider campaigns:

Decentralized day of action, 13 October 2018: Coordinated actions at this date or around this date.  It’s decentralized! More information to come. It’s in the making.

Campaigning against public funding of major gas projects in Europe: A number of gas projects in Europe will (probably) receive public funding European Banks. The campaigns therefore focus on the European Banks (EIB, EBRD) and other European institutions, that are about to fund the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline, the Southern Gas Corridor, etc.

Reject the Projects of Common Interest-List: The campaign against the approval of the recent List of Projects of Common Interest (PCI) is part of the campaigns against public funding of fossil gas projects in Europe. Unfortunately, the last PCI-list, with lots of gas projects, was approved on 21 February 2018 by the respective committee (ITRE) in the European Parliament. The gas projects are on the one side larger gas import projects (mega pipelines and LNG-terminals) but also lots of so-called “interconnections”, which means shorter pipelines that connect existing pipelines in Europe, e.g. the South Transit East Pyrenees (STEP), connecting Spain and France.

We have gathered useful background material about the problem of using public funds for fossil fuel infrastructure, on European policy, and on specific gas infrastructure projects.

Route of the planned mega pipeline Southern Gas Corridor (the Trans Adriatic Pipeline is a part of it)
Among others, 15 dodgy companies profit from the Southern Gas Corridor; and it will be financed by billions of Euros from European money.