There’s many many many things you can do to support the fight against gas.

Very concretely:

  • Can you translate? Awesome! We need people to translate parts of this website. Please get in touch with
  • Are you a bit artistic (music, image, play, …) and would like to support this struggle with your art? Sweet! You can get in touch with if you’d like to share your idea(s) or collaborate with an existing project.
  • Do you have a critical journalist inside of you? Nice! We would love to dig in deeper into various of these stories and get the truth out. Let us know where you’re based and/or where you would like to go, and we’ll see from there ;). Drop a line at

Nothing for you in there but you still want to help? Cool! Let’s talk!

Either: send us an e-mail presenting yourself, we’d love to hear everything about you! If you have an idea of how you could or would like to help, we’ll be really happy to know :).

Or: come and meet us! In the agenda we try to update our wherabouts at certain events. Get in touch and hopefully see you soon!

Go-to address: